Decision for History

Decision for History was developed and firstly applied in the framework of the Center for Encounters and Communication Jerusalem - Honoring the Heritage of Willy Brandt.

© Concept and method by Dr. Matthias Ries, Multimedia implementation by Cheb M. Kammerer, Hamifal Workgroup. Supervision by Rainer Zimmer-Winkel M.A.

The Approach: Groups in conflict have various perspectives on the contemporary history. Working through and documenting these perceptions is at the center of Decision for History.

In the first workshop, the participants are invited to associatively "create their history". They are asked to recall the past and to choose 15 pictures and images which they keep in mind describing the course of the twentieth century.

The images are not purported, there is no preselected set of photos or pictures. The decision by consensus is achieved with different methods of communication and decision-making, e.g. active listening, conflict barometer, and the decision-making council.

In the second workshop, the participants interpret the pictures and images by means of what can be done by art, e.g. painting, modeling, video, and multimedia.

Decision for History is based on the fact that conflicts contain diverse narratives and myths, each of which creates specific identification mechanisms. All participants can define and present "their history" on the internet. Furthermore, they are invited to separate themselves from conflict-saturated pictures and use the opportunity to re-author relations in more peaceful, cooperative and respectful ways.

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